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2010 Hybrids: Sugarhouse/Farm Clinic

​​Location:  Lincoln, Massachusetts USA

Partner:   Codman Community Farms

​​Date:         July-August 2010

Project Description:


This summer project challenged teen design/builders to imagine a new and sustainable form for a very traditional building type: the New England Sugarhouse. 

To do so, they first had to find an environmentally friendly building use for the 46 weeks each year when no on  is making maple syrup. 

They did.

In interviews with the head farmer, it was discovered that the farm was in desperate need of a place to provide veterinary care to its many animals without moving them out of the field.

In response, the designers decided occupy two worlds: the woodlot (sugaring) and the field (veterinary care). They create a pavilion that crosses a fence line, opening into both areas.

Next they developed an ingenious framework suitable to both uses. One end, the walls are made by inserting hay bails to feed the animals and, on the other, firewood to feed the maple sap evaporator. Simple and efficient!


Michael Griffen​, Aaron Lehr, Christine Rankin


Design/Build Team:

Ethan Blackwood, Justin Burke, Mira Dayal, Naavin Karimbux, Greta  Gomez, John Grumbach, Sara Pearce-Probst, Kenny Amici, Sarah Goodman, Jennie Lytel-Sternberg, Jonah Rader-Gale, Mark Schapiro, Emma Jarczyk, Jeremy Vale, Jillian Valpey

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