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2015 Graduate Fellowship in Design/Build Teaching


                       Application Available Feb 30, 2015

Apr 20           Deadline for Receipt of Applications

Apr 20-24     Finalists Interviewed

Apr 25           2014 Fellows Notified

Apr 30           Team Meeting (Conference Call)

May 4            Team Project Proposal Discussion

May 12          Project Development Workshop

Jun 13, 20    Project Development Sessions

Jun 25-29     Program Set-up

Jul 7-Jul 24 Summer Program (9:00-4:00, M-F)​​


The Fellowship offers selected graduate level designers a unique opportunity to combine research relevant to their own areas of interest with a funded, mentored teaching experience in the design/build environment.

4-6 Fellows will be chosen for the 2015 Summer Studio.

Under the guidance of the Program Director, selected applicants will develop all aspects of an urban intervention project and then lead teams of 10-15 pre-college youth from, brainstorming and site documentation, through design, detailing, representation, fabrication, and hands-on built realization in the community. Based in the MIT School of Architecture, URBANFRAME will provide Apprentices with a teaching stipend, logistical support, and the mentorship necessary to fully realize a project.

Past projects have addressed questions of Sustainability, Food Accessibilty, Community Cohesion, and Regulation of Public Space.


Applicants in Architecture, Landscape, Interior Architecture/Adaptive Reuse, or Industrial Design who have, by June, 2015 completed either:

• undergraduate + one year grad-level instruction

• two years in a three-year graduate degree program

Submit via email to, the following materials as a single PDF (not larger than 10 MB):

1. Curriculum Vitae

2. Statement of Interest (max 500 words)

3. Description of past experiences. Please highlight: Collaborative projects, design/build, independent design research, or study, professional practice, teaching or mentorship, carpentry, construction, leadership, and community service

4. Recommendations from one graduate level teacher and one student peer.

5. Two employer/co-op references  (to be contacted prior to final selection)

6. Design Portfolio (3 projects). Where possible, please highlight projects related to community engagement, the public realm, and fabrication processes.

D. Selection Criteria:

• Past Leadership Experience
• Demonstrated ability to develop concepts into rigorous design propositions.
• Potential to collaborate and lead a team of pre-college age designers.
• Potential to liaise effectively and with project stakeholders, including: students, parents, goverment officials, and communty members

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