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Mysterious Job Site Visit

The job site visit was something everyone was looking forward to. Dan somehow managed to keep everyone on their toes wondering what circumstances we had to work with (or against!) until the afternoon before we left for the site next day.

Marching to the railroad in our hilighter yellow t shirts, we brightened Everett a little more, especially in the dark, rainy day that greeted us.

Along with the visit came a challenge: getting past a locked fence. We all got pretty creative with trying to hold open a torn corner of the fence or crawling through a slightly larger hole

until someone found that the fence ended some 10 feet away.

At the end of the day we were all tired from walking 7.5 miles, but also because we had to be very attentive to things we normally wouldn't have noticed.

On the cool, air-conditioned train ride home, many of us took videos of the view, as if the camera were a commuter looking out the train.

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