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2011 Mobile Places: Foodtruckitecture

​​Location:  Boston, Massachusetts USA

Partner:    City of Boston, Office of Food Initiatives

​​Date:         July-August 2011

Project Description:


This six-week project, endorsed by the Mayors Main Street Program and Office of Food Initiatives explored how recent cultural enthusiasm for independent Food Trucks could be used as a catalyst for new and lasting social cohesion in economically disadvantages neighborhoods of Boston.

Over the course of six weeks, students studied outdoor gathering spaces, food trucks (and their food!!!) and local communities.

Out of this came a series of exciting designs and full scale prototype mockups to link the activity and cool vibe of food trucks to local neighborhoods.

After branding and digital fabrication, teams assembled their projects on-site and interviewed users to identify ways to make them even better.



The project culminated with a presentation at Boston in City Hall to This six-week project, endorsed by the Mayors Main Street Program and Office of Food Initiatives

​​Process Improvement:

Improved strategies to address urban mobility

Improved collaborative network design process. 

Applied expanded program definition of architecture.

Explored technologies for prototyping at full scale.

Improved rapid iterative review and refinement



Aaron, Lehr, Sarah Gould, Shalini Vimal



Design/Build Team:

Peter McAuley, Dan Bernstein, William Boyajian, Alejandro Chavez, Jeremy Vale, Sara Stackhouse, Tatianna Auguste, Austin Howell, Nicholas Leong, Hayley Kats, Grant Farrington, Shaun Crofton, Elliot Holden, Daniel Wanger, Dennis Smith, Alec Robins, Lucas Black, Juan Mascareñas, Alfonso Mascareñas ,Loch Roberts, Stephen Ellias, Ellen Lowry, Mariah Nuzzo ,Alexander Nardozzi, David Goodman,Tamara Kalo, Joe Pincus, Sean Hussey, Serhiy Zadorozhnyak, Michelle Isong, Alexander Abramson, Elizabeth Abramson

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