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URBANFRAME is a unique hands-on lab for exploring design as tool to improve cities and the communities they support. 
Our programs offer energetic and creative young people a chance to work closely with neighborhood groups, city officials, and their own hands to design and build tools, architectures, and recommendations that contribute to local communities, with implications for others globally.


Our team-based projects are a chance to develop individual talents and explore new interests; no prior design experience is required for participation. 
While our schedule varies based on the phase of the project, a typical day might include team brainstorming in the studio, working with 3D software, making models, constructing our design on site, and meeting with our client.
On Wednesdays we drop everything and head out for full day fied trips to tour local architecture and meet interesting designers in their firms.
Within the year's thematic focus, each program also exposes students to :
* Sketching and Drafting* Computer Aided Design
* Digital Fabrication 
* Mapping and Context Study* Historical Research* Presentation Skills* Carpentry and Construction* Community Engagement and Service* Graphics and Industrial Design





Most of us would like to tackle the big problems in our we see in our cities.  

URBANFRAME youth actually do...


Participants apply their creative energy, wild ideas, and optimism to local and global challenges using design thinking. Their clients are community based organizations in need of new and innovative structures.


URBANFRAME'S projects are designed and built entirely by young people and are given away at no cost to the local community.


Each project is also designed as a research prototype, with global relevance.


URBANFRAME'S programs allow students to fulfill most Community Service requirements for high school graduation.


We put a lot of confidence in the wisdom and ability of young people working together. Teens have great ideas and lots of energy and want to be taken seriously. 

Our best ideas have come out of diverse and energetic groups. So we like a mix of perspectives.


For those curious about design or architecture the program is a hands-on way to see what its all about. If you're looking for a new experience, it's a great way to spend the summer and make new friends.


Our programs attract young prople with with a wide variety of interests and experience from many different towns.


Together we have a great time doing some very cool projects.


College & Beyond...


For those already considering design as a possible career path, the studio offers an opportunity to begin the portfolio required for application to accredited design programs. Students receive access to digital copies of project drawings, models, and images of the completed project.


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