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ready, set, CHARETTE

It is Friday, the last day of designing. We came back from a relaxing lunch after discussing our design idea of having a series of evolving chimneys that also have two-colored vertical venetian blinds. As people were trickling back into the studio, Dan told us that we would have an hour long "charette". Of course, this foreign term freaked us all out on some level. He proceeded to explain what a charette was, saying that it was a term used a long time ago where a man in a white coat would walk down the room with a cart, and students would have to put their work (that they had spent endless nights working on) on the cart before the man had passed.

We were divided in teams of five, and each team would make one "stage" of the series, which meant that all the groups had to communicate with each other.

The charette was very stressful and crazy, but it got everyone excited and receptive, and we were all proud of the final products.

We were reminded once again that a simple and gestural concept can sometimes be more compelling than a carefully, planned out object.

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